Network images

The installers offered here require a wired network connection with DHCP on the Pi’s first bootup, this is the recommended installation method and you should use this install type where possible.

If you wish to install Raspbmc to a USB drive, create a file on the fat partition called ‘usb

Raspbmc has a simple UI installer - just pick your platform below.

Installing on Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7)

Installing on Mac OS X (10.5 or later) and Linux

Please ensure you read the Wiki before using Raspbmc. Questions on the forum that are in the FAQ will not be highly appreciated.

Just want an image without a fancy installer?

Network Image (recommended) – the default installer image, always gets the latest version of Raspbmc.

Standalone Image – If you just want a standalone image that can be booted without a network connection for initial setup, then you can get the latest image here. This image will resize your SD card partitions to use the full size of your card on bootup. This image should only be used as a last resort, say if you live in a rural area and are planning to download the image at work.

You must accept the terms of the license agreement outlined here in order to use this software. By downloading this software you accept the license agreement.

Note: Your download is brought to you by a variety of individuals and organisations who have volunteered their resources for the good of this project. If you want to offer hosting for this project, you can (find out more here, just like the following have:

Mirror About Speed (Mbps)
Bullet-IRC NetworksBullet-IRC Networks offers us a mirror from Germany. This is synchronised daily at midnight.100
Raspberry Pi FoundationThe Raspberry Pi Foundation mirrors Raspbmc with its own personal CDN. This is synchronised hourly.1000
PCextreme B.V.PCextreme B.V. is a Dutch hosting provider2000
University of ArizonaA service of the University of Arizona10000
University of Kent UK Mirror ServiceThe UK Mirror Service is provided by the School of Computing at the University of Kent.8000

The Raspbmc project is currently being hosted by 5 mirrors.

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