Raspbmc prides itself on being a free and open project. The project is the product of much effort and hard work. In my opinion donationware is the future of software. Those that can, and want to, can make a donation, and those that do not wish to, or can’t, will still be able to enjoy the software.

Donations support the project in many ways:

  • They cover any server bills and additional costs incurred such as test hardware
  • They help support future development of the project by showing that it is appreciated and supporting its growth and any costs that might be associated with that.
  • They help support future¬†projects, which you might just like. For example,¬†some Crystalbuntu donations were used to kick this project off the ground.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so via this link here. To those who prefer to donate via Bitcoin, the address is 17oszsHRa66DdusJHGMFLXHqCQvWgRdPUT

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