Crack for MPEG2, VC1, DTS hardware decoding!

Update: April fools!

It’s not everyday we get to announce something this awesome. A lot of you have been frustrated at the lack of hardware decoding support for DTS. If we announced that the Raspberry Pi foundation had made these codecs for sale, we’re sure you’d be delighted

Well, even better. It’s available for free, as are the other codecs: VC1 and MPEG2 that used to cost. Due to a trivial encryption attempt by the Raspberry Pi foundation, reversing the codec keys were easy. This is done by manipulation of the /proc filesystem.  All future installs of Raspbmc will automatically activate all codecs capable in firmware without any additional configuration.

Due to disputes with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we’ve decided to no longer to sit on this crack, and simply release it for public consumption. While we wish them luck with the educational mission, we feel that the device is ours to do what we want with, and that this constitutes fair use.

If you’re already running Raspbmc, just reboot to grab the crack. You can check out the source code here.



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