RC5 Raspbmc update!

Hi guys,

RC5 got off to a rocky start, mainly due to bugs in XBMC. The plus side is that these bugs are now fixed:

  • Fix ‘composite’ no output bug
  • Fix CPU temp command
  • Fix PVR client errors
  • Fix black screen of death after install
  • libCEC is version 1.9, the wrong library version was bundled in the previous build
  • Fixed garbled fanart — obviously you’ll need to rescan the broken images to get new ones!
  • Fixed video addons such as iPlayer that were stuck with a “Working” spinner.

Hopefully this will resolve any issues we’ve had as we prepare for release quite shortly. I am keen to demonstrate the potential of Raspbmc’s update system, and as such, to get this new version of XBMC, all you need to do is restart your Pi. If you’re installing RC5 just now, don’t worry, the installer will get the latest changes for you.

Install issues were caused by the Raspberry Pi mirror system which uses a custom rsync implementation.

Coming soon will be 24 hour nightly builds as we really prepare for the final release. Stay tuned.



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