Raspbmc gets MPEG2, VC1 support

Hello guys,

A while back I spotted a Git commit on the Raspberry Pi firmware tree as I am sure many others of you did. I asked Dom, the fellow who maintains this tree and he allowed me to try out the additional codecs. They work just as well as the H264 decoding done by the GPU. I couldn’t previously mention this but it’s now here. As per this Raspberry Pi announcement you can purchase a VC1 and MPEG2 decoding license.

Here are are some common questions I’ll answer:

Will this work out of the box in Raspbmc?

Yes — after your purchase, you will be given line entries for config.txt. When you add this, XBMC’s omxplayer will start playing the codecs that you have paid for.

Does this mean Raspbmc will get PVR support?

Yes — Raspbmc will soon have PVR support

Are additional codecs coming?

I can’t comment on whether they’re coming, but if you check the VLLs, there’s more than meets the eye!

Have fun!

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