Addon Support

Installing Addons

If the addon is not in the standard repositories, you can install them using the downloadable zip files. You can either download them and transfer them across to the Pi, via scp or ftp, or download them directly.

If you wish to download them directly, follow the links, below, and navigate though the site’s download links (if necessary, this depends on the site) until you get an option to download the zip file. Note that what looks like a download link may not, actually, be the final link to download the file, esp on Google code, so keep clicking until your browser physically prompts you to save the zip file. If you cancel this, then right-click the link you will get a “copy link location” option, do this and then SSH onto the Pi (this should take you into your home directory) and type

wget <paste link here>

so, for example, following the iPlayer link, I go to the “Downloads” link, then click on the latest version – this then takes me through to another page where I have the link to the download (you have to watch out for this on Google code – sometimes the “download” link takes you to an extra page)
Addon Download Link
I can then get the address of the download
Addon Download Link Address
then in my Pi’s home directory I would type/paste


and this would download the plugin.

Next, we need to install this zip file. This can be slightly confusing, until you know where to find the option:-

  • In the appropriate addons option, you will see a “Get More…” menu option, select this. This takes you to the standard addon repository list where you can find addons listed below as “Available from the standard repository.”
  • From here select “..” (at the top of the list)
  • This will take you to another list, again scroll to the top and select “..”
  • This should now take you to a list with an “Install from zip file” option, select this
  • Next, select “Home folder” and you should see the list of zip files you have downloaded and can select them to install them

There are also third party repositories that can be installed, some of these have the advantage of automatically updating the addons provided their owners maintain them. An example of this is Hitcher’s repository which contains iPlayer, 4oD and Demand 5, although due to recent changes in the Channel 4 and 5 websites those two addons have recently experienced problems


This is a list of tested addons, I will endeavour to keep testing others and update the list accordingly. If any problems arise, please PM me on the STMLabs forums.

iPlayer – working

Available from here
Open it from the Videos/Addons menu and go to [Settings]. On the [Streams] tab, go down to [Stream source preference] and select “Limelight” (or experiment with the other options there).

4oD – working

Available from the standard repository.
Use Mossy’s version (the one in the standard repository), rather than the one in Hitcher’s repo as that version (Nibor’s) is no longer being developed and is out of date. This is now (as of early May 2014) working again. Note that if Channel 4, once again, take exception to the existence of this, they may try to break its access to their content, again. This addon also accesses one of their service streams and so (for reasons known only to Channel 4) it contains a subset of their full program content.

ITV Player – working

Available from the standard repository.
This works ok, with no changes required.

Demand 5 – unknown

Available from the standard repository.
ITV and Channel 5 seem to be using the same content delivery system and something has changed, the ITV player now works again but the Demand 5 player is an older version and doesn’t appear to work, or works intermittently (please message me if you find a more up to date version)

TWiT – working

Available from the standard repository.
This Week in Tech works ok, with no changes required.

MythBox – working, with changes required to the MythTV backend

Available from the standard repository.
There are two ways of accessing the recordings from your MythTV server – the plugin and the server’s uPnP server. The plugin has worked fine for me, in the past, but currently it seems to hanging when loading. If you have this issue you can browse the file locations on your network and your server should appear under the uPnP device list. See for more detailed instructions
Unless you have set up your server to transcode the files, you will probably find the files produced are MPEG2 files which the Pi, out of the box, isn’t licensed to decode – however, help is at hand: you can buy licenses to decode extra formats at the Raspberry Pi website under the “Codec Licenses” heading. If you purchase the one(s) you need you will then receive instructions on how to enable them (you edit the /boot/config.txt file and put the codes you are e-mailed at the end), the files should then play

YouTube – working

Available from the standard repository.
You may have an issue logging in. If so there are some videos on how to fix this here and here. As these recommend you download content from an unknown, unverified source, use them at your own risk!

TV Catchup – working

Available from here
The main TV Catchup XBMC page is here but I found the repository link on that page didn’t seem to work, so you may need to use the above link and then look for the link on that page to download the plugin directly. Once you have installed it, if you find you have playback problems edit the file /home/pi/.xbmc/addons/ and change where it says PLAYER_CORE_DVDPLAYER to PLAYER_CORE_AUTO this should correct any playback issues.

Automated Installation

I have set up a script file and an addon resource file that I will update and will load the basic UK TV channels, listed above. You can also change the resource file (.txt) to include your own addon list, if you wish to have an automated installation system of your own. To get them, SSH onto your Raspberry Pi and execute:-


to change to your home directory, if you aren’t already there, then:-

chmod u+x

and this will download and install the various addons. Currently, some of the addon downloads in the getaddons.txt file are disabled (the lines start with a “#”) so to enable them edit the file and remove the “#”, if you want to try them to see if they are working. This script will also attempt install the unzip package, if it isn’t already installed.

Other Addons

This list is based on the addons that I currently use, if there are other ones that would be good to include on the list (especially if they aren’t in the standard repositories) please PM me on the STMLabs forums and I will add them in here and also into the text file in my dropbox, so they will be included in the automated install.

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