Raspbmc final (almost!)

Team-XBMC released XBMC 12.0, codename “Frodo” today. Congratulations on the hard work team.

Raspbmc will follow suit shortly with a final release. To give you an inkling as to when, here’s a little background. I originally made the announcement of the Raspbmc project on Feb 2, 2012. That was 362 days ago. 365 would be the natural number to aim for, but my birthday’s on the 3rd, and, 2012 was a leap year, so I feel I should factor in the extra day.

Stay tuned. I love how much this project has grown and the large community behind it. This is just the beginning

Win a Raspbmc media centre!


In anticipation of Raspbmc’s release, we’re giving away two Raspbmc media centres in the form of a competition. Here’s what’s enclosed:

  • A 512MB Model B Raspberry Pi
  • Class 10 SD card with Raspbmc final release preloaded*
  • Power supply

To enter the competition, like our Facebook page by the 31st January and make a comment on this blog post (for obvious reasons, use the same name as your Facebook name)

1. Competition ends 31/01/2013 00:00 GMT
2. Facebook 'likes' must be made between 16/01/2013 00:00 and 31/01/2013 00:00 GMT 
Raspbmc reserves the right to withdraw this competition at any time.
3. Prize draw 03/02/2013
4. Prize is Raspbmc final or the version available at time of prize draw.
5. Winners selected at random

Have fun!

Update: The competition is now closed. Stay tuned for some winners!

XBMC release candidate 3

XBMC Release Candidate 3 is now available for Raspbmc users. This is the last release candidate of XBMC, and the next build will be a release.

You will need to have installed your system recently (on the 29th December), or your installation will not be compatible with the new XBMC build. To find out when you installed:

cat /scripts/upd_hist/build_info

which should look like

Raspbmc Testing Branch, with Hard Floating Point
Release Candidate 5, Built: 20121229

You can now install RC3 by going into Raspbmc Settings -> Nightly Builds and selecting the 05/01/2013 build or later. If you have any issues, such as a ‘relax’ loop, you can revert this via SSH or keyboard with the following command

rm /home/pi/.xbmc-current