Pre-loaded SD cards

Pre-loaded SD cards are SD cards with Raspbmc preinstalled and ready to run. These cards are pre-loaded for your convenience. Available in the UK only, here’s why you should only buy pre-loaded cards off Raspbmc:

  • Genuine brand SD cards
  • Uses the full size of the card
  • Class 10 – the very fastest cards available
  • Supports further development on the Raspbmc project
  • eBay sellers do not develop Raspbmc and thus often ship ‘broken’ versions that do not boot at all. Our card images are produced by us ourselves so these are working.
  • Work on both 512MB and 256MB Pis!

16GB – (inc.P&P) £14.99


Raspberry Pi Media Center

Getting started with Raspbmc may look quite daunting! To supplement the wiki, you may wish to purchase the Raspberry Pi Media Center book, which will show you how to:

  • Discover how you can stream video, music, and photos straight to your TV
  • Play existing content from your computer or USB drive
  • Watch and record TV via satellite, cable, or terrestrial
  • Build your very own library that automatically includes detailed information and cover material
  • Much more

Grab it here today!