XBMC 13 ‘Gotham’ is here!


Thanks to Team-XBMC, the latest version 13.0, codename ‘Gotham’ has hit its final release! I know you’ve all been eager to try the new version in its final form, so I’ve done my best to get you a release out. Here’s some noticeable improvements from Team-XBMC:

  • Speed improvements: navigating menus, starting playback and browsing through libraries
  • Settings are made easier and are now broken down in to different levels. Most people won’t need to go beyond the standard settings level. If you’re looking for a setting you think has disappeared, it’s probably on a more advanced level.
  • Improved subtitle searching
  • Improved UPNP capabilities: including the ability to stream to other XBMC devices
  • Numerous PVR improvements

You can read more on the XBMC website here

The release took a little longer to reach Raspbmc (almost 24 hours after XBMC’s release). This is because I’m in exam mode at the moment, and because I’ve added the following features downstream:

  • External sound card support (experimental): I’ve tried (but not thoroughly tested) to make the process for external sound card support simpler. Now you should just need to head in to Programs -> Raspbmc Settings -> System Configuration and select ‘Enable external soundcard’. You need to then play content by selecting the context menu, selecting ‘Play using’, and choosing ‘dvdplayer’. dvdplayer is not as good at handling high bitrate content as omxplayer, which is why it is not the default player.
  • JPEG texture improvements — thanks Ben Avison
  • Support for DVD menus with DVDPlayback
  • Support for playing back encrypted DVDs
  • CEC improvements: don’t suspend the Pi on TV turn off
  • (and much more)

In the next update, I’ll be improving the web browser, adding Hyperion to Raspbmc Settings and updating TvHeadend. I wanted to do that today, but I felt users wanted XBMC Gotham first, and with exams looming over my head, I’m strapped for time. So until I finish near the end of the month, this is it for now. A couple of warnings:

  • Skins may not be compatible with XBMC Gotham, check first
  • Your database version will be upgraded. Take care if you are using shared libraries. If you don’t want Gotham, you can unplug your network connection, boot Raspbmc and disable updates via Raspbmc Settings. Reboot, and you’ll be OK to connect to the Internet again.

To get this update, make sure updates are enabled in Raspbmc Settings. If you’ve installed a nightly build, you’ll want to switch to ‘xbmc-release’ in Raspbmc Settings -> Nightly Builds. Then, simply reboot your Raspberry Pi to get the update. The old Frodo build will remain installable via Raspbmc Settings indefinitely under ‘Raspbmc-12.3-Final’.

If you enjoy Raspbmc, and this update, and would like to support continued development, you can make a donation here.


Update: Some of you were reporting issues playing live streams. Team XBMC have fixed this issue and I’ve rebuilt XBMC to include these changes. All you need to do is reboot your Raspberry Pi to get the new XBMC build. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

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