Raspbmc September update

It’s a little late because I’ve been very busy, and wanted to make sure the update for this goes smoothly rather than rush something out. This is a big one. Some of you may have got part of the update earlier last week and seen a ‘Service management’ or root filesystem update. That was done to prepare your systems for this update well in advance. Here’s what’s new this September:

  • New initramfs that can repair corruption when it occurs.
  • UUID labels now also supported for USB volumes
  • In October, we will switch to UUID labels for USB installs by default
  • Raspbmc is now faster
  • Thanks to popcornmix for the following XBMC changes:
    • Fix for crash when bookmarking
    • Dynamic range compression to boost center channel volume
    • Speed improvement for opening movies library
    • Fixed for compressed audio in stereo
    • Bug fixes with JPEG parsing
    • Avoid submitting too large audio buffers
  • I’ve also added the following to XBMC:
    • Windows Media Center PVR support in XBMC (thanks ‘krustyreturns’ for the client)
    • 24 hour nightly builds resumed
  • Linux 3.10 is now the long term kernel as supported by Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Added 1-wire module support as requested
  • Fix for isochronous signal support which affected DVB adapters
  • Improved DVB adapter support
  • GSPCA webcam support
  • Fix rsyslog issues
  • New Boblight addon update fixes issues with refresh rate changes
  • Fix a bug where secure-rmc can cause high CPU usage
  • Fix a bug where failed kernel update results in no WiFi
  • Silence md5sum checks when updating
  • Downclock CPU frequency when updating to minimise likelihood of corruption
  • Synchronous writeback on vfat to reduce corruption
  • Wake On LAN support allows Raspbmc to wake a remote system before XBMC starts
  • sabnzbd newsgroup reader available in Raspbmc Settings
  • Updated standalone image and NOOBS images

linXBMC progress

linXBMC is the successor to Raspbmc and is going swimmingly. Solid Run have sent me a test board for their new and upcoming Cubox-i which means linXBMC will launch with at least support for 2 ARM devices. Here’s our new logo, designed by Simon Brunton.


And the SolidRun board:


Learn more at linxbmc.com. I’m looking for a WordPress designer. Any takers?

Better infrastructure

Datashack have served us well, but over the last couple of months we’ve had more downtime than is acceptable. I’ve now migrated all our services to UKFast. Let’s go for 100% uptime from now on. We’ve also got some more mirrors, which means faster installs and updates.

Raspbmc at Campus Party Europe, London


I had the pleasure of talking about some of Raspbmc’s design challenges this September at the O2 in London. If you can tolerate a few nervous errs and umms, feel free to learn more about Raspbmc under the hood here

Spoke in Albacete, Spain


On Thursday 27th September I spoke about optimising Linux for low power platforms, using Raspbmc and Raspberry Pi as an example. You can watch here

Careful with iOS 7

Users who want to use AirPlay may have issues with iOS 7. This is likely due to protocol changes. At the moment, I am advising users do not upgrade to the new version of iOS if they rely on AirPlay.

Coming soon:

  • Pebble watch support
  • Siri voice support
  • Speed improvements to XBMC — courtesy of Ben and Dom. If you’d like to try these improvements now, you can do so by installing the nightly build entitled ‘xbmc-rbp-20130930-speed.tar.gz’ in Raspbmc Settings. There is no guarantee of stability though, so use this at your own risk.
  • Fix for high pitch tone when audio is paused

To get the update, all you need to do is reboot your Raspberry Pi.

If you enjoy Raspbmc, and this update, and would like to support continued development, you can make a donation here.


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