Raspbmc improvements inbound!

Hey guys,

Raspbmc has now been updated and brings the following improvements:

  • The firewall that we added in the release can now be enabled and disabled via Raspbmc Settings
  • A bug has been fixed that could prevent xinet services from being disabled.
  • The allocation of GPU memory is improved. Simply open “Raspbmc Settings” and press OK. This will not be necessary on installs after this date.

Dom, aka “popcornmix” has been working hard on XBMC and thanks to him, we have the following XBMC improvements:

  • Dynamic cache buffering.
  • Fixes for stuttering when seeking before zero
  • Fixes for resolution changes midstream.
  • Fixes for subtitles and a reduction in CPU usage when displaying ASS subtitles.
  • Fixes for analog and digital audio togglin

To get this update, you just need to reboot your Raspberry Pi. If you have disabled updates, you will need to enable them in Raspbmc Settings. To restart your system, select the power icon in the lower left corner and select Reboot. Raspbmc will do the rest.

Thanks and enjoy!

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