XBMC release candidate 3

XBMC Release Candidate 3 is now available for Raspbmc users. This is the last release candidate of XBMC, and the next build will be a release.

You will need to have installed your system recently (on the 29th December), or your installation will not be compatible with the new XBMC build. To find out when you installed:

cat /scripts/upd_hist/build_info

which should look like

Raspbmc Testing Branch, with Hard Floating Point
Release Candidate 5, Built: 20121229

You can now install RC3 by going into Raspbmc Settings -> Nightly Builds and selecting the 05/01/2013 build or later. If you have any issues, such as a ‘relax’ loop, you can revert this via SSH or keyboard with the following command

rm /home/pi/.xbmc-current


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