XBMC Release Candidate 2 update and more

Hello there and happy holidays!

We’ve been working on Raspbmc, and the following, will require a reinstall.

  • Wired and wireless networking support in Raspbmc – you can now install Raspbmc via a wireless network connection too
  • NFS root – you can now install Raspbmc to an NFS share.
  • New Windows, Linux and OSX installers to facilitate the above two options.
  • Time issues are completely gone
  • Issues with rebooting are resolved
  • A smaller root filesystem, thanks to a more efficient watchdog
  • Samba shares will now show in Windows by default
  • Seeking is now possible on Raspberry Pi – thanks Gimli.
  • Various XBMC memory leaks are fixed.
  • Firmware improvements from Dom.
  • libCEC 2.0.5
  • Much more!

You’ll need to reinstall to get these updates because we are still in Release Candidate. Be sure to download the latest version of the installer too,  as it has been updated.  We’re getting very near release ;)

Have a fantastic holiday!


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