Yet another Raspbmc update

I am announcing another Raspbmc update in hope to refine some upstream issues with XBMC and improve the general user experience. Part of this update will be delivered dynamically using the update system, and users only experiencing root file system issues should reinstall.

Kernel update

This re-enables IPV6 support, adds full VPN support (PPP with MPEE), and adds iptables support as many users have requested it. You’ll still need to install the iptables package though. Simply reboot your Raspberry Pi to get this update

XBMC update

A new version of XBMC resolves some XBMC bugs, including fanart (hopefully) and adds AirTunes (Audio Airplay) support at last! The text overlay in XBMC is also hopefully resolved too. Again, a reboot of your Pi will suffice in receiving this update.

24 hour nightly builds of XBMC are now also available. Thanks! These builds are installable from Raspbmc Settings.

Occasionally, we’ll update your XBMC build to a new nightly. But only if they’ve been verified by users on the forums and the testing team.

Root filesystem update

As this is release candidate stage, we do not dynamically update the root filesystem as there are likely too many changes at this time to make this long-term maintainable. In the future, this would not be the case, however, for now, to fix the following issues, you may need to re-install:

  • NFS and Samba mounting issues in /etc/fstab
  • Improved Hama MCE remote functionality. Button mappings should be perfect now.
  • Larger progress bar when updating the system (this can be quite difficult to see, so we’ve made it more visible from a distance)
  • Tighter memory control¬† – I have added a new governor that drops memory caches at intervals. This is better than doing it through cron as relying on cron is inefficient.

You should only reinstall if you are experiencing issues with a Hama MCE remote or NFS/Samba mounting through /etc/fstab

We’d like to apologise

The way we handled USB installation by default was completely wrong. We’d like to apologise to anyone who lost data by not seeing the warning on install. Some users may have thought that RC5 would behave as former RCs which say “Go grab a coffee” and thus never seen the warning. As a result, we have changed the installer’s default behaviour so USB installation will only occur if you create a file called ‘usb’ on the FAT partition. This can be done from the UI Windows installer by checking the USB install box.

This is still Raspbmc RC5.

Enjoy — I’m certain you’ll definitely like these updates.

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