Raspbmc: 512MB support, more improvements


Yet more fixes make their way to you today. Here’s what’s new:

  •  A much improved XBMC build that address many issues. Note that if you’re using an Android or iOS remote, some may not work, as the HTTP API is now deprecated in XBMC. You can revert your build via Raspbmc Settings though.
  • An updated kernel with better iptables support, additional support for more remotes.
  • 512MB Pi support. This doesn’t require a fresh install, and restoring a 256MB backup of RC5 will work provided that updates are enabled.
  • libCEC 2.0.2 support!
  • Nightly builds download much faster in XBMC now.
  • Firmware improvements that hopefully reduce SD card corruption
  • Higher overclocking options in Raspbmc Settings – up to 1.5Ghz!

Also, added to the root filesystem:

  • SFTP works again
  • Hama MCE remote is improved further
  • Time issues are addressed for those who had no luck with time resolution. This was primarily caused by routers behaving differently than expected.

Just reboot your Raspberry Pi to get the XBMC and kernel updates. If you wish to get the SFTP and Hama improvements, you’ll have to reinstall. This is because this release of Raspbmc is still being considered Release Candidate 5.

Apologies for broken installs in the past 12 hours! Many thanks to s7mx1 for a vigiliant eye.

Make sure, if reinstalling, to grab the latest installer image, or you could run into some problems.

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