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Welcome back to the site,

This downtime was brought to you by 1and1 Internet. This is indeed an interesting tale.

After the DDos attacks, I thought I’d try CloudFare. June 23rd I change the nameservers of raspbmc.com to CloudFare ones. A few hours later I see a lovely “Domain registration error” in my Control Panel. Now when this happens, you have to get 1and1 to reset your DNS as you can no longer edit it. This is June 22nd, but www and download are still resolving as I only changed the root of the domain, so I send an email and wait a little bit. June 26th I get a reply saying:

You can change your DNS settings in your Control Panel.

Then, I went abroad to Spain. I am still here. I had circular emails with them where I would say “No I can’t, because you’ve locked my DNS settings”. All I kept getting back was that apparently “the domains you used for name servers are not valid nameservers”. Sorry 1and1, but they are, millions of people use them! Anywho, what I’ve learnt now is 1and1 don’t allow nameservers that aren’t defined in your Control Panel. They don’t say this, but it occurred to me after some thought. So if I wanted Cloudfare NS, I’d have to make a subdomain called ns1.raspbmc.com with an A record to the CloudFare NS using the 1and1 NS to resolve that subdomain. Not cool. But it was too late to change anything. This wasn’t an issue as the www subdomain was not affected.

Then bang, they took all *.raspbmc.com domains off the Internet when their nameserver stopped responding with an SOA. Cheers. Where before I would’ve waited to return and call them and ask to speak to someone who actually knew what could be done, I emailed them. More rubbish.

Sorry your DNS is invalid. You will have to cancel the domain.

After I initiated a transfer to 123-reg, told them if they didn’t fix it I was going to go, they replied within 15 minutes saying: “You should be able to change your DNS now”.

So that’s why the site was down. I’ll be moving domains from them shortly. Their dedicated seems OK though as I am in full control of that. I must say I wouldn’t want their “Managed server”! Why does something that takes 15 minutes to fix take 20 emails back and forth first!?

I hate downtime. It looks bad on me and my work, and there is nothing worse than seeing tweet after tweet saying “You’re down” and not being able to do anything. So, DDos, DNS, and being struck by lightning aside, I am vowing to keep this up from now on.

Anyway, not to dwell on the negative, RC4 is dropping soon. Check out the progress being made here. Right, back to the swimming pool.

I don’t need to move to CloudFare just yet. NodeDeploy is doing a wonderful job, dedicating a 10Gbps firewall to the cause.

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